Our Coffee

For you, our coffee loving friends, we take time over our coffee. We make the most of the natural wonder that each bean contains by carefully sourcing, processing and roasting them to make sure you have a truly great cup of coffee. We don’t buy coffees from lots of different origins, we simply find the coffees that we, and hopefully you, love and celebrate them.

We use beans from well known, high quality, origins and either let them sing on their own or combine them together tomake perfectly balanced, exciting coffee blends.

From Costa Rica we use Caturra and Catuai varieties of Arabica coffee to bring silky smooth, buttery, honey sweetness to our blends. Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai from Guatemala add chocolatey sweetness, lemon-like acidity and a rich finish. East African coffees are bold and juicy, adding lots of fruit and zesty acidity from the Bourbon and Typica varieties. To round it off we add full bodied, rich dark chocolate sweetness and a spicy finish from Sumatran Typica.

We supply all our award winning blends to offices throughout the UK with clients including Virgin Atlantic, WeWork and Sodexo. Please email hello@changeplease.org if you would like our life changing coffee in your office or cafe.

Change Please Coffee Bags

Lucy’s Blend

For those of you who like to grind you own beans, Lucy’s Blend is 100% whole bean Arabica. Lively citrus and berry flavours making way for a smooth velvety milk chocolate finish with hints of buttery vanilla and caramel.

“Change Please gave me a shot and I grabbed it.” Lucy – Change Please barista, London

Lucy was our very first Change Please employee in 2015. She now has a home of her own in London and a full time job as a barista earning the London living wage and serving up great tasting coffee in Canary Wharf.

Tom’s Blend

To make life easier for you we have taken the wonderful 100% Arabica Lucy’s Blend and ground the beans so they are ready for you to use in your cafetière, filter or stove top coffee maker. Tom still delivers the amazing flavour profile of Lucy’s award winning Blend.

“Change Please means “Life” for me, I wouldn’t be here now without them. Tom – Change Please barista, London

Tom first started working for our sister company “Old Spike Roastery” after experiencing homelessness when he first arrived in London a few years ago. He is now a trained coffee roaster and barista and now trains and supports other people affected by homelessness at our Training Academy in Peckham.

Ethiopian – Single Origin

This coffee is where we just let the wonderful 100% Arabica beans speak for themselves. The heirloom Bourbon beans produce a bright coffee, with almost tea-like body, juicy lemon acidity and a long, herbal finish. If you like your coffee black then this is the coffee for you.

“It’s not often you get a second chance, but this one has really changed my life.”
Marian – Change Please barista

Marian joined Change Please in 2015 after experiencing homelessness. Through the support of Change Please he now has his own home and is now training other affected  homeless people as baristas. Marian can be found at our coffee van outside at London Bridge

Adventurous Blend

Blended and roasted specially for espresso machines this is our best selling and multi award winning coffee. Whether you make your espresso into a flat white, cappuccino, americano or keep it a simple espresso, this blend will impress. Well balanced with rich milk chocolatey sweetness and red fruit acidity it creates a wonderful syrupy mouthfeel and long, moreish finish. 100% Arabic whole beans.

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